Remember Pet Rocks & Chia pets? How about Silly Bands and Squishies? The New Big Thing..... ZoobLes! Thats right, ZoobLes are a must have for all children 3 and up. Zoobles are appropriate for all ages, boys, girls, and easy on the wallet. The only problem? These are so hot Manufacturers can't keep up with the demand and ZoobLes are expected to run out by Christmas. Get them now while you still can!

ZoobLes are animals that like to play in different Lands like Petal Point, Petagonia,Azoozia, and Chillville just to name a few. Accessories can be bought so your child can have everything they need to take care of their new pet.

13 Hottest Fashion Trends To Suit Her Right For 2012 Part 2

7. LEATHER JACKETS: A Leather Jacket great pair to dress up any outfit.

8. HEAVEN INSPIRED: Clothes that will make her feel like the Angel she is.

9. HIGH WASTED FLARES; These go with everything in your closet all that's required is pair of stellar heels!

10. CREAMY NEUTRALS: Classical! Should be flowing and comfortable.

11. PLAIDS: Have fun with this one, Plaids are back in any and every way possible.

12. PAISLEY PRINT: Every woman needs a paisley print in her wardrobe, so choose your favorite style and colors so you feel good and look good in it!

13. 70'S GLAM!: The days of disco balls and lava lamps are back, so glam up your wardrobe with a classic piece like a 70's inspired jumpsuit.

Remember in 2012 go for Classic, Bold, and Edgy!