Daughter of Russian Billionaire Pays $88 Million Bucks for NYC Crib

Daughter of Russian Billionaire Pays $88 Million Bucks for NYC Crib

Sandy Weill a former chairman of Citigroup listed his 6,744-sq-ft apartment at 15 Central Park West for an astounding $88 million in November, Weill promised to donate all the proceeds of the sale to a selected charity.

Now comes news that Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the 22-year-old daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitriy Rybolovlev, is buying the condominium. Rybolovleva is currently studying at an undisclosed U.S. university and plans to stay in the apartment when visiting New York. According to a source familiar with the sale, she paid the full asking price of $88 million, setting a record for highest individual transaction in New York City history.

Here is the official statement from her representatives:

A company associated with Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of a well-known businessman Dmitriy Rybolovlev, has signed a contract to purchase an apartment at 15 Central Park West, New York. The apartment is a condominium currently owned by the Sanford Weill Family.

Ms. Rybolovleva is currently studying at a non-disclosed (for security purposes) university in the U.S. She plans to stay in the apartment when she's in New York. Ms. Rybolovleva was born in Russia,and is a resident of Monaco and has resided in Monaco and Switzerland for the last 15 years.”

The Manhattan Apartmenr, has 10 rooms including 4 bedrooms, an elegant wraparound terrace of more than 2,000 sq. feet, 4 bedrooms and not 1 but 2 wood burning fireplaces.

“This sale is an outrageous, It calculates out to be about $13,000 per sq. foot, the highest amount per square foot on record, for anything, that has ever occurred,” says Jon Miller , the chief executive of real estate appraiser Miller Samuel, “What is ironic is that when Sandy Weill bought it for less than half this amount, he paid the highest price per sq foot to date in that building, around, $6,400 per sq. foot. He is again setting a record.”

Rybolovleva is the second billionaire daughter to make huge property purchase in 2011. In July of this year,Billionare heiress Petra Ecclestone, daughter of , Bernie Ecclestone (President of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration seemingly spent an astonishing $85 Million for Spelling Manor, the 56,500-square ft. house was once owned by Candy Spelling, Candy was the widow of popular TV show creator Aaron Spelling, whose resume includes the “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Dynasty” sequence.

Rybolovleva’s dad Dmitriy decided to sell the majority of his share in Uralkali, the fertilizer company that made him wealthy, for $6.5 Billion last year. He is already known in U.S. real estate and property groups from back in May of 2008 when he decided to buy Donald Trump’s Mansion in Palm Beach , Maison de L’Amitie. He purchased the pad for a cool $95 million in cash, $25 million less than what The Donald had previously requested. It was seemingly the greatest single residence buy of all-time. It is rumored that he may not own that house much longer, after his Elena, who filed for separation and divorce in Pam Beach court last year, is filing for possession of the former Trump Pad. Dmitriy himself stays away much of the time at his home in Monaco and is likely to buy the troubled France Football Club, in Monaco.