Fijit Friends Interactive Toy by Mattel Your New BFF!

Questioning what to get your little girl for Christmas? Toy manufacturers are forecasting Fijit Friends may be the MUST HAVE toy of the year. Fijit Friends are interactive robots that chats, moves, dances, and responds to your commands, and touch. If you are looking for one of the best involved toys for your baby girl, the Fijit Friends are certain to put a look on her you'll never forget. These vibrant,energetic,groovy,lovable smart toys are sure to bond with her and become her new BFF! Your little one can select between four different Fijit Friends each with their own coloring and character. There's Sage,Willa, Logan , and Serafina.

You may be asking what in the world are Fijit Friends and where the heck did they come from. The best piece of fun of the Fijit Friends is the tale behind them and how they came to be.What happens when you mix fresh goo with music?

The tale goes something like this. There were two little girls and their mom and dad were experimental scientist. One day their mom and dad left out some fresh goo. The pair found the goo left out in the open in the underground room. While awaiting their mom and dad, the siblings determined to turn up their music and when they did, they found that the goo jumped to life as it moved with the beat of the music, and.... Voila! Fijit Friends. Immediately Fijit Friends were created.

We think that girls all around the world are going to be really intrigued with the fun Fijit Friends provide!

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