CELEB REVIEWS: Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaked

LiLo’s baring it all in the latest edition of “Playboy”.

The stressed celebrity does her best to ressurect the old artistic glamor of Marilyn Monroe in the January/February double edition of "Playboy," available on the web at iPlayboy.com.

Wearing nothing but a couple of sky-high dark-colored stilettos, red mouth and a tangle of jewelry golden-haired waves, Lohan creates unclothed in the 10-page graphic, re-creating the well-known film star's unique cover for the publication captured in 1953 by Tom Kelley.

The popular cover shot isn't the only element about Lohan that's going to be seen. In the publication she also starts up about her sex charm, the paparazzi always stalking her, and what she would have done if she grew up in a regular childhood.

When asked about the knowledge she has acquired in the last five years , Lohan, 25, said "that eventually, we are each accountable for ourselves and for our activities."

"Looking again, I probably would have believed and taken more information from the individuals whom I respect and would have followed through with it more," she said. "My resistance at 18 and 19 decades of age got in the way," she included. "During the last five decades, I've acquired then marches on more quickly than you think, and because you only stay once you have to master from your blunders, stay your desires and be dependable."

The celeb says "when it comes to being sexy, confidence is key".

"Sex and sexuality are a elements of nature, and I go along with nature," she said. "I think Marilyn Monroe once said that. I certainly agree with her.....Knowing yourself and your body is so essential because it gives you confidence, and in life, females need confidence. It's a very male-dominated world to start with, so understanding yourself and being relaxed with your body is an element for me as a lady."

As for consistently being bothered by the paparazzi?

"I have no concept why there is this obsession with everything I do," she said. "I think it is all element of this pattern of individuals desiring to know every individual aspect of a celebrity's lifestyle. I mean, once we get to the point where magazines are doing pictorials on my clothing to the courtroom, that's just so trivial."

An unpublished photograph, which reveals a somewhat unclothed Lohan straddling a bunny-shaped seat, bombarded the On the web this few days more than per few days before the "Mean Girls" starlet set out to give the world a sneak peak of the photo shoot on "Ellen," airing on Dec. 15. Playboy's CEO Hugh Heffner tweeted he would launch the Lohan cover beginning after the unpublished photographs triggered a "buzz" on the internet.

"Lindsay Lohan was the top look for name on the On the web last night," he authored. "Her cover issue will be available later this week. Hot! Hot! Hot!"

The magazine will be released on Friday, Dec. 16.

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