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Melani Amaro was the winner of X Factor USA!

19 year old Melanie Amaro from Sunshine,Florida was crowned the success of “X Factor” on Thursday December 22,2011, unexpectedly the voyage that nearly finished before it started.

Amaro once was not one of Simon Cowell’s unique four females runners up, but got known as again into the competition when he either improved his thoughts or determined that the charade had gone on for too long, based on how doubtful he was. Once she got that second opportunity, she instantly became the people's choice amongst the females, going through the competition and out shinning them to win the $5 Million Recording Contract.

She rejoiced in prayer after getting the conformation she was overcome with disbelief. Steve Jones made several efforts to get something similar to a sound bite out of her but had no luck. She blocked up several periods during her show-closing variety, but presumably will restore in a opportunity to history what everyone at Fox desires will be a creature project that provides an incredible variety of downloads available.

Josh Krajcik, the former burrito machine and champ of the 30-somethings, came in second, with Bob Rene having been removed previously in the evening as the third-place finisher.

The outcome assigned an evening that was more of a vacation unique than a coronation. The three runners up all performed Xmas melodies, as did Justin Bieber in a duet with Stevie Wonder. Bieber than performed a few paperwork with Attracted, the kid removed previously in the competition who auditioned with Bieber’s “Baby” and seemed as overcome by the ability as any young lady her age would.

“She is a very unique young lady and she will go far,” Bieber said, though he did not indicate that he was ready to satisfy Drew’s dream of a time frame with him at the seaside.

The display also presented the thoughts of interview with associates that tug at the heartstrings and are a selection of all actuality contests, or so it seems.

“We used to grumble about you performing all-time, and now look at you performing in entrance of many individuals,” Amaro’s associates said.

“I’m not really amazed we’re here right now. I want you to know that I really like you so much, and I do not think I say that enough,” said Krajcik’s child.

The evening also saw the competition between Simon and assess L.A. Reid mentioned as a fight of heavyweights, while idol judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Adbul had the “Cry-Off” video display instead. This idea was given you by the 50's, which wants its sex functions again.

Rachel Crow created her come back, two months after she was given the boot in what was known as the shock of the season. Although she was let go she didn't seem to have any hard feelings.

The best was when she told Steve,"Im going to steal your job".

It was a challenging evening for the host who could've used a valium, who was often stumbling over his word in his efforts to conversate with the participants and had Nicole tripping over a punchline several periods before he just threw his hands up.

Other highlights of the night was when 50 CENT, had the Fox censors nervously sweating and his entourage included some of the members of the Los Angeles Lakers team, as well as Pitbull and NEYO. Also performing was Leona Lewis, who won the British edition of the show and is what everyone at Fox are really expecting that Amaro becomes. That, will be the deciding factor (no pun intended) of whether this becomes the next “American Idol” or just another variety show.
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